Second Week in the Wilderness

It's not been a bad week. Last week I had an interview with one recruitment agency Gemini People, and this morning I've had an interview with another, Aquent, who I've worked with before. Last Friday also landed me an interview for a permanent job via the first agency, and although I'm not sure whether they really feel that I'm the right person for the job, I'm pretty sure I'm technically competent. I had to take a Mac test, which I never really have an issue with as I've been doing this job for twenty years, but there was a web element to this test - not really an area I've worked in, but which I knew enough to make an educated guess about.

Looking over pages of websites for artworking jobs is starting to take it's toll a little, but I'm more optimistic about freelance work rearing it's (not-ugly) head before permanent work does. Also it's a mostly sunny day today, so after watching some Shakespeare I recorded (Twelfth Night) and the latest Game of Thrones, I think I'm going to make the most of the weather and my free time, and see if I can catch up with a friend.