First day without work

Technically I am on garden leave for this week, which means the company I would have been working for, if I'd joined the Lloyds account in transferring to Wakefield, will be paying me whilst we double check there's definitely no work I can find with them in the UK. It's not likely that I'll be moving up to Wakefield, and it doesn't seem likely that any vacancies are likely to become available in their Sutton studios, the closest alternative (there hasn't since we began considering these options, several months ago), so I'm spending this week the same way I would any other week I didn't have work - looking for work and attending interviews.

I've got one interview with a recruitment agency lined up today, who've seen this website and so know what I've been up to recently, but have requested that I bring my physical portfolio, which is a mix of much older stuff. I'd not really counted on having to bring a physical portfolio anywhere any more, or else I might have printed out some of these more recent jobs to put into it. It's been weird flicking through the pages of the older portfolio - there's very little stuff in here more recent than ten years ago, but it does have some of my favourite photo manipulated stuff, from a time when I was more a Junior Graphic Designer than a Creative Artworker. The back of the portfolio is also where I have a lot of illustrations and designs that were drawn for other people - a Christmas Card for a member of the Magic Circle, cartoons for a book about economics, the various promotional things I created for Danny Wallace's 'Join Me' movement. As much as I need to print out pages that I've uploaded to this site to put into a physical portfolio, at some stage I should also take some decent quality photographs and upload to this site, so that it's not too Halifax/Xerox heavy.

As you can tell from this picture, my camera phone is perhaps not the best quality.

"Pick a card, any card..."