Branch Campaigns, Literature and Direct Mail

This website is an attempt to collect together lots of examples of my work as a digital portfolio. The bulk of the work here is from my time working at Xerox as, prior to me starting there in 2012, the bulk of my portfolio consisted of physical copies I'd managed to pick up after a print run.

Much of the work you'll see here is from the various branch campaigns I've worked on at Xerox – in particular I was largely responsible for art working the Halifax campaigns, although we shared the work load across four banks (TSB, Lloyds, Bank of Scotland and Halifax) when there was a tight deadline. Usually we'd expect the campaign to be updated every month; over the years the style of layout changed too, as the client brief changed and different agencies were made responsible for the initial design, which would then need to be implemented across a number of different resizes and layouts, ensuring consistency with the agency-supplied artwork.

Literature, namely leaflet, brochures and annual reports, have frequently been a staple of the kind of work I do. I've presented a few examples of covers and layouts amongst these pages, although a lot of examples of this sort of work I've only retained physical copies of. Annual reports (and interim reports) have frequently been the sort of document I've worked on at smaller agencies, and is often the type of document with the widest range of artwork skills employed, with photoshopped images, colourful graphs and more experimental layouts in the earlier pages, and the all important tables and legalese in the back.

There are a few examples of documents created for direct mail here. Most of these are 'simple' letter texts, though even with the minimum of graphic elements there's still a need for a keen eye to ensure the text flows well on the page. When I was working at MBNA there was a considerable amount of direct mail work, namely letters to owners of credit cards, or special offers associated with them. As such those direct mail packs were often a little more colourful than those I've worked on more recently.

The last gallery of this website is based on personal work; there are pieces I've worked on for other people as a designer, a couple I've done for myself, experiments in photoshop and hand drawn/painted illustration. They're just included here as examples of additional skills I can employ.