iGaming Business

I've really not updated this site for a long time, have I? I guess i was using it more as an online portfolio between jobs. Since Xerox I've had work on creating the 2016 Annual Report for Unilever, using Word (it's perhaps the least design work I've done on a job for a long while, by design, if you'll forgive the pun). But I'm now working at iGaming Business, a subsidiary of Clarion Events. sort of. It's complicated. I technically work for a company called OLIVER, but I work, as one of their employees, with a team that's a mash up of iGaming Business and Clarion Gaming.

In particular I'm working on the three magazines, 'iGaming Business', 'iGB Affiliates' and 'iGaming Business North America' (see the pictures in the new Magazines section - they're all mock-up visuals rather than true photographs, but I can probably upload actual front covers and contents at a later date). Regardless, it's the first time I've been credited as a Designer rather than a Creative Artworker. We're currently working on redesigning the magazines, so it will be a proper design job rather than simply deciding how to lay out the elements on a page.

Anyhow, there's a few things i could add. I've been uploading pictures of a pumpkin that's sitting on the desk next to mine for the last few days - after sticking a hat on it last week I've been providing it with new costumes every (work) day. You can find those on my Twitter feed, somewhere - I may upload a whole bunch of them when Halloween comes around. I'll be honest, I don't think the pumpkin will last until the end of October.

In November I'll be running an event which might as well be Halloween II, running some table-top games of bluff, deduction and horror in a pub, to raise a little money. I'll post about it here shortly, but if you want to know about it in the mean time you can message me on Twitter @psibreaker - just look for the big cover image of a werewolf.

Anyhow, that's enough of an update for now.